Colorado's Central Plains
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Our Many Happenings

Don't let the small-town image fool you. The towns of Colorado's Central Plains are hopping with activities. We have many novel attractions to keep the thousands of tourists entertained. Visitors can stop in Burlington for a spin on the Kit Carson County Carousel, one of Colorado's 15 National Historic Landmarks, or for a little time travel through turn-of-the-century Old Town. There's also a whole slew of museums, such as the Limon Heritage Museum, restaurants, hotels and inns throughout the area to please travelers.

For residents and tourists alike, there are plenty of festivals, county fairs, rodeos, country barbecues and more to keep the day full. Check out the Celtic Festival at the Elbert County Fairgrounds. Or how about the Little Britches Rodeo at the Kit Carson County Fairgrounds? You can even win a prize for your mangy mutt at Burlington's Ugly Dog Show.

And if that's not enough to keep you busy, Colorado's Central Plains is bursting with recreational opportunities. We've got fishing, camping and picnic areas, hunting, nature trails and wildlife viewing, to name just a few.

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