Colorado's Central Plains
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Visitor Information

State Welcome Center in Burlington (719) 346-5554

National Historic Landmarks

Kit Carson County Carousel, Burlington
Open daily; Memorial Day-Labor Day

Special Attractions

Old Town, Burlington
Limon Heritage Museum

Scenic Drive

State Highway 86 to Limon to Kiowa to Elizabeth; follows the Old Smoky Hill Trail

National Historic Sites

Burlington State Armory, Burlington
Cheyenne County Courthouse, Cheyenne Wells
Flagler Hospital (Municipal Building), Flagler
Old Cheyenne County Jail, Cheyenne Wells
St. Mark United Presbyterian Church, Elbert

Museums, Trails, Markers and More

Dietemann Massacre Monument, Kiowa
Elbert County Museum, Kiowa
Hal Borland Room, Flagler
Kit Carson Museum, Kit Carson
Limon Heritage Museum & Railroad Park, Limon
Lincoln County Museum, Hugo
Old Cattle Trail, State Highway 59 north of Kit Carson
Old Cheyenne County Jail Museum, Cheyenne Wells
Old Town Museum, Burlington
Smoky Hill Trail, Also known as the Starvation Trail; Highway 40 west of Cheyenne
     Wells through Elizabeth

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