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Where Life Takes Shape

If you looked at Colorado's Central Plains from the bird's eye view of an airplane, the landscape would be very similar to the way it looked when the first settlers came 150 years ago-mile after mile of prairie accented by gentle dips and green valleys by streams. And today, Colorado's Central Plains has managed to add just the right touch of civilization to this land so rich in pioneer heritage.

Nowadays, you'll find bustling small towns scattered along the major transportation routes that stretch across Colorado's Central Plains. The principal population/service centers in the four-county area are Burlington, Limon, Elizabeth and Cheyenne Wells.

A detailed map of Colorado's Central Plains is crisscrossed by many major state highways and county roads. Our extensive highway network weaves itself from Burlington to Flagler to Simla and back again. Not surprisingly, I-70 in Colorado's Central Plains is the state's second highest entry and exit point. Railroad, air, bus and motor-freight services are plentiful and easy to access.

Families like the quiet, simple life of the towns in Colorado's Central Plains. Schools and their activities are a central part of the community and important part of family life. And you won't ever have to spend an idle moment. In Colorado's Central Plains, there's a lot to do. Take a look at our Tourism & Recreation section for some ideas.

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