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Business Investment Incentives

We want thriving, successful businesses in Colorado's Central Plains. And here are some of the ways we can help.


The Prairie Development Corporation (PDC), a non-profit economic development organization created by the East Central Council of Local Governments, administers the East Central Enterprise Zone and various loan programs. Through these loan programs and by working closely with local banks, PDC helps fill a gap in financing.

If you'd like more detailed information on any of the following loan programs, let us know on the form provided on the Contact Us page.

Direct Loan: With a maximum amount of $150,000, this loan could be leveraged for purchasing real estate, equipment, inventory, furniture and fixtures, and for working capital.

Micro-Enterprise Loan: Targeted toward small businesses with five or fewer employees, this loan is for amounts up to $25,000. Borrowers must also meet national employment objectives.

Guaranteed Loan: This program allows the PDC to guarantee loans made by banks to businesses that could not be made without a third-party guarantee.

Disaster Loan: Designed to assist businesses in the PDC four-county area that are directly affected by either a man-made or natural disaster. This loan can be "turned" within 48 hours.

PDC Revolved Loan: This loan is similar to the PDC Direct Loan, but can only be used if the PDC Direct Loan funds are not available, or if the borrower does not meet the Direct Loan requirements.

PDC Mini-Loan: This loan is similar to the Micro Enterprise Loan, but can only be used if the Micro Enterprise Loan funds are not available, or if the borrower does not meet the Micro Enterprise Loan requirements.

Tax Credits

Ninety-five percent of the land in the four counties of Colorado's Central Plains falls within the East Central Enterprise Zone. And that's great news for you. This designation by the State of Colorado means that state income tax credits, as well as other incentives, are available to private businesses and industries wanting to locate and/or expand within the zone. Such a business may be eligible for:

  • Three-percent investment tax credit
  • A $500 job tax credit
  • Double job tax credit for agricultural processing
  • A $200 job tax credit for employer health insurance
  • R&D tax credit
  • Credit to rehabilitate abandoned buildings
  • Credit for contributions to zones
  • Ten percent job training credit
  • Exemption from state sales tax and use tax for manufacturing and mining equipment
  • Local government tax incentives

In addition to tax credits and employee training, business consulting services and regional marketing services are available.

Local Banks

If your business is in need of financing, there are many community-based banks in our four counties to serve you.

Banks in Cheyenne County
Banks in Elbert County
Banks in Kit Carson County
Banks in Lincoln County

For more information on Enterprise Zone Tax Credits and contribution projects, visit the Colorado Department of Revenue.

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