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The major cities in Lincoln County are Limon and Hugo. Limon is a close-knit community where residents enjoy working together to build a better future for themselves and their city. The Limon School District plays an important role in the community. More than half of the students in the past few graduating classes have received scholarships, various teachers have received statewide recognition for their accomplishments, the sports teams have won numerous state championships, and students rarely ever miss a day of school.

Limon is home to the Limon Heritage Museum and Railroad Park and a bustling downtown area. Museum visitors can see the working N scale model of Limon's 1940's railyard, touch the high plains agricultural history by exploring the sheepherder's wagon, vintage farm machinery and Eclipse Windmill. Or, share the area's rich ranching heritage by viewing the Prairie Monument and walking back in time through the one-room schoolhouse, rail dining car, and Native American teepee. The downtown area, which covers a 5,000 square mile area, has become the main shopping and business center.

Genoa is home to the Genoa Tower & Museum. Visitors can view six states from the top of the Tower, which is also the highest point from East Coast to West Coast outside of the Rocky Mountains. The museum houses antiques of all kinds including guns, arrowheads, bottles, coins, rocks, books and souvenirs. Their motto is "If it ain't don't exist!!"

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