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Anyone traversing Colorado's Central Plains is likely to pass through Lincoln County, as state highways 40/287, 24 and 71, and I-70 all intersect in Limon, "The Hub City of the Plains". For more information about Limon, please visit With its cowboy and homesteader heritage, Lincoln County is infused with the old-time spirit of hospitality. Ever since the round-up cooks in Hugo served beef and biscuits from the chuck wagon to President Teddy Roosevelt, travelers who pass through the county can expect a "stop and sit a spell" welcome.

Back in the 1880s, it was the Smoky Hill Trail, the Butterfield Overland Despatch, the Leavenworth & Pikes Peak Stage, and eventually the railroad that brought travelers to Lincoln County. Today, there's a network of east-west and north-south interstate, national and state roads that link the towns of Lincoln County to each other and beyond.

The region is rich with fertile soil that's plentifully watered by the Big Sandy Alluvial and Ogallala Aquifer. And that makes for excellent farming and ranching.


Population: 6,087
Land area: 2,586.3 square miles.
Population density: 2.4 persons per square mile.
Elevations range from nearly 4,500 feet to nearly 6,000 feet.
Average annual precipitation: 14 inches at Hugo, Limon and Karval; 16 inches at Genoa and Arriba.
Temperature: Low relative humidity. January mean temperature is 26. July mean temperature is 71.

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