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cheyenne County

Kit Carson County features a mixture of level prairie and valley lands along streams with Kansas on its eastern border. The immense Ogallala aquifer lies under several west-central states, but in Colorado's Central Plains, its presence is felt most profoundly in Kit Carson County. Here, it feeds and nourishes a flourishing irrigated agricultural economy as crops such as wheat, corn and sunflowers are watered with huge circular irrigation systems where pumps lift the life-giving water from hundreds of feet below the surface.


Population: 8,011
Land area: 2,171 square miles.
Population density: 3.3 persons per square mile.
Elevations range from 4,100 to 4,710 feet.
Average annual precipitation is 15.64 inches.
Temperature: Low relative humidity. January mean temperature is 30. July mean temperature is 76.

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