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"Boom" is a term aptly applied to Elbert County, the Central Plains' most populated county and one of the nation's fastest growing counties. Many families who work in the Denver metro area have moved to nearby western Elbert County to leave the commotion of the city behind and enjoy a quiet country lifestyle.

Founded in 1859 as a logging center, Elizabeth sits at 6,450 feet--over a thousand feet higher than the Mile High City. Only 20 minutes from Denver, Elizabeth and nearby Kiowa offer the perfect backdrop for new business parks and light manufacturing companies. And with its homespun values still intact, Elbert County is an ideal location to raise a family. Dense Ponderosa forests still cover the area, thickening into the Black Forest as Elbert slopes into El Paso County.

Farther east and south into the county, is the town of Simla where the lifestyle is definitely still rural, but never boring. This part of Elbert County unfolds into gently rolling prairies dotted with splendid evergreen growth and spectacular Front Range views. Out here, agriculture is king with farmland occupying 93 percent of the total area.

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Population: 19,872; a 75 percent increase since the 1990 census
Land area: 1,854 square miles.
Population density: 8.7 persons per square mile.
Elevations range from 5,000 to 7,350 feet. The Palmer Divide is the county's east-west spine, from which waters flow north to the Platte or south to the Arkansas.
Annual precipitation ranges from 15 to 18 inches.
January mean temperature is 29. July mean temperature is 74.

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