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Cheyenne County ranks third in Colorado for winter wheat production. Other significant cash crops are sunflowers, hay, alfalfa and corn for grain. Cattle raising is an important source of revenue, too.

An alliance with energy was formed in the early railroad days, when the Kansas Pacific drilled a water well, but found natural gas instead. The first well lit only the railroad houses. Today, over 416 oil and gas wells bring significant revenues to the area.

Recently, Cheyenne County's vast helium reserves have been targeted, and drilling and production of the rare gas are putting the county on the world resource map. Just west of Cheyenne Wells is the $100 million Ladder Creek Helium plant. Colorado is one of only three states producing helium which is used in high-tech manufacturing and in medical imaging systems where it's used to cool super-conducting magnets.

Renewable energy is abundant on Colorado's Central Plains. In early 2011, 34 wind turbines were constructed northwest of Burlington generating a total of 51 megawatts of electricity. In early 2014, it was announced that a 150 megawatt wind farm will be built in Kit Carson County by NextEra Energy within the next two years. The Cedar Point wind project (a joint effort between Enbridge and Renewable Energy Systems Americas, Inc.) has 139 turbines capable of generating up to 252 megawatts of electrical power located in both Lincoln and Elbert Counties north and west of Limon. At the end of 2013, Limon I and II (Centennial Wind Farms) were online with one hundred twenty-five (125) 1.6mw turbines each, producing an additional 400 mw of renewable energy. NextEra was under construction at the end of 2013 for Limon III which will add more than 100 towers generating an additional 200 MW of power. When Limon III is completed, this will increase the total wind production in Lincoln County to 852 MW.

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