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cheyenne County

Like most of Colorado's Central Plains, Cheyenne County presents a bit of a dichotomy. It's a place where you see mile after mile of rich farmland, working ranches, busy windmills, and even the remnants of homesteads, dugouts and soddy homes built by the first settlers back in the early 1860s. But Cheyenne County is also home to thoroughly modern technology like the $100 million Ladder Creek Helium plant and over 416 active oil and gas wells.

This is where the settlement of Colorado's Central Plains really began about a decade after the gold rush to Colorado's Rocky Mountains. The Kansas Pacific Railroad, later the Union Pacific, entered what is now Colorado just east of Arapahoe with rail stops and towns springing up as the track was laid westward. The railroad is still there stronger than ever, but it is now challenged as the county's leading industry by wheat and cattle production, and the continuing development of oil and gas.

Here is the link for the town of Cheyenne Wells.


Population: 2,231
Land area: 1,782 square miles.
Annual precipitation has ranged during recent years from 14.3 to 19.46 inches. Average yearly precipitation is 15 inches.
January mean temperature is 29. July mean temperature is 76.

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