Colorado's Central Plains
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They come for the business. They stay for the family.

Welcome to the official website of Prairie Development Corporation (PDC). PDC is a non-profit economic development organization dedicated to promoting and serving communities and businesses in Cheyenne, Elbert, Lincoln and Kit Carson Counties -- a place we call Colorado's Central Plains.

When we talk to people about starting up their businesses or relocating their families to Colorado's Central Plains, the list of advantages is as long as a country mile. There seems to be no end to the open land. And there's a ready work force of strong, hard-working people. Plus, the location is prime with major highways, Denver and Colorado Springs just a stone's throw away.

But for most folks, the clincher is something you won't ever find on a P/L statement: Colorado's Central Plains is a great place to raise a family. And these days, that's something to write home about. So, look around a while on our web site. Just don't forget to bring along the family for the tour.

We think we have an interesting past. Click on this link to see what we mean.

Prairie Living

Here on Colorado's Central Plains, you can plug in or power down at your own pace.
Work from home, raise a family, build friendships, and connect to great communities.
Across our four growing counties, you can design your life in a way that makes sense,
not too far from (but not too close to) major cities. Explore some of the best hometowns
and counties our state has to offer.

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